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Sprint teams with Conversocial to become the first US telecommunications brand to introduce Messenger as part of their social care strategy

Harry Rollason
By Harry Rollason on Dec 18, 2015 9:00:00 AM

- Leading telecommunications company works with Conversocial
to engage and assist consumers in-the-moment -

December 18, 2015 — New York, NY — Conversocial, a Facebook Preferred DeveloperFacebook Marketing Partner, has teamed up with Sprint, a leading telecommunications company, to implement Messenger as a new channel for Sprint’s social care. 

Messenger, Facebook's standalone messaging app, has grown 40 percent from 2014 to 2015, bringing on more than 700 million monthly active users[1]

Conversocial enables brands to manage and resolve social customer service inquiries. Each month Conversocial manages more than 11 million social media messages across channels including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram and YouTube. Conversocial’s new integration with Messenger is available on the Conversocial platform as a real-time chat experience between consumers and brands to bring real scale and more human conversations to deliver a best-in-class social customer service. 

Sprint has implemented a new approach to its customer experience/customer service across social media, having selected Conversocial in 2015 to empower agents to move incoming concerns to resolution across Facebook, Twitter, and other social sites. Sprint identified a large segment of our customer base that preferred to engage via social, with specific account and/or service- related needs. When Sprint made the decision to add Messenger as a communication, engagement and resolution platform, the implementation took little training or time given the existing integrated platform.

“We want to build long-term relationships with our customers who choose to engage via social channels and have the ability to respond in the channels they want to connect with us,” said Marci Carris, senior vice president- Customer Care at Sprint. “The addition of Messenger to our social care efforts was a simple decision. We are the first U.S. telecommunications company to implement Messenger. This channel is a way for us to have meaningful conversations with our customers when they decide and in the channel of their choosing.”

Joshua March, CEO and founder of Conversocial said: “The conversation is taking place on mobile apps, and telecommunications businesses such as Sprint, know that they need to be where the consumer is to assist — in the same channels and the same conversation — to help, engage and wow them. Facebook’s new Businesses on Messenger is going to be a growing channel to do this, and it brings in many new features including real-time chat, the ability to search for Sprint in Messenger and other innovations which will really serve social care – it’s reinventing live chat for the mobile generation and we’re excited to be one of the partners enabling this new functionality and implementing it with a socially-recognized brand such as Sprint.”

Conversocial's Messenger integration is available to all Conversocial users as part of Conversocial's enterprise social media customer service platform which is designed for contact center agents; optimized for CRM and customer service technologies; and managed for tracking, compliance and metrics.

March concluded: “Consumers don’t want to be on one platform and then told ‘please email or call us’ by the brand. They want to have the conversation where they are and resolve any problems there — brands such as Sprint recognize this in-the-moment customer service philosophy. The launch of Messenger shows how mobile customer service is maturing as a channel for the consumer to engage with a brand.”

About Conversocial

Conversocial (http://www.conversocial.com) is trusted by global brands in hospitality, utilities, airlines and consumer brands for customer service solutions that improve productivity and operational efficiency. The company does this by managing the flow of customer service inquiries and discussions where the customers are: on social media channels such as Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Google+, Instagram and YouTube.

Brands including Hyatt, Sprint, Barclaycard, ConEdison, Co-operative Bank, Travelex and Google use Conversocial’s enterprise-class platform for a single view of the social customer via:

  • Comprehensive APIs that seamlessly integrate into CRM and contact center technologies
  • Resolution management on social media
  • Intelligent prioritization, so the complexity of social conversations are presented to customer service teams in a logical manner
  • An intelligent social routing system that distributes conversations based on agent specialization, rules, and agent presence to deliver the quickest and most helpful answer to the customer
  • Relevant messages from public posts, private messages and other customers, threaded into a single conversation to provide full context at a glance
  • Analytics to provide accurate, actionable insights on customer trends over time

For more information on Messenger http://www.conversocial.com/customer-service-via-facebook-messenger

Conversocial is a Twitter Certified Partner and a Facebook Marketing Partner. For more information, visit www.conversocial.com.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/conversocial

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/conversocial

[1] http://www.statista.com/statistics/258749/most-popular-global-mobile-messenger-apps/

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