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Icelandair and Conversocial Release Case Study, Highlighting Icelandair’s Exceptional Social Customer Service and Social Maturity Journey to Date

Harry Rollason
By Harry Rollason on Aug 30, 2017 9:00:00 AM

Study Looks at Icelandair’s social customer engagement utilizing Conversocial – including inbound message volume, overall responsiveness, response times and brand sentiment on Twitter

(New York, London, Reykjavik – August 30th, 2017) Conversocial, a leading social customer engagement platform for the social, mobile customer, with Icelandair today released its case study: “The In-the-Moment Resolution Revolution: How Icelandair Delivers Real Time Social Care.” The study takes a close look at Icelandair’s #SocialFirst Story – how the airline addressed and overcame common challenges to become a paradigm of effortless, in-the-moment customer service, at scale.

“Travelers of today have higher expectations of service throughout their entire journey, necessitating that brands go above and beyond when it comes to catering to their customers - including in-the-moment care over social and mobile channels” says Joshua March, Founder and CEO of Conversocial. “Icelandair recognized that the social traveler expects engagement outside traditional business hours, at their own convenience, whatever the hour, whatever the issue. We’re pleased to have enabled Icelandair meet these growing demands and deliver superior customer support at every point of the customer journey.”

To strengthen brand loyalty in 2017, Icelandair is focused on providing best-in-class customer service at every single touch point of the customer journey. This includes the Icelandair Stopover Pass, the airline’s newest customer service initiative that aims to defeat wasted time whilst travelling. The service allows passengers to transform their boarding pass into a Stopover Pass, offering them access to series of entertaining performances. These range from a three-act play on a flight from London to New York via Iceland; to gig tickets, trips to Icelandic football matches, backstage passes to a music festival and more.

“This is a never-ending process in a way, endless fluctuation in flow in an operational industry with unforeseen situations, new and evolving products and services,” said Sarah Unnsteinsdóttir Head of Icelandair Service Centre. “It was business critical for us to have a 360° view of our customers to provide a one-stop-shop for customer support, resolution-focused responses. Conversocial helps us to not only keep the pace but also quickly analyze our data for insight into where we can improve our guidelines and processes for even more efficiency.”

Key Highlights Include:

  • Staying Human, Even Under Pressure: Using Conversocial’s prioritization, assignment, and PLAY mode setting allows Icelandair to manage unexpected spikes in volume with optimized teamwork, working hand-in-hand under pressure.
  • Impacting Continuous Customer Touchpoints: Icelandair can conduct conversations that span the full length of the customer journey, resembling human-to-human conversations rather than brand to customer. Icelandair’s emphasis on understanding, personalization and action has led to some impressive Twitter Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) comments and results, with a current average of 4.2 / 5.0 since implemented into the customer workflow.
  • Direct Message Resolution: Icelandair is able to resolve passenger issues on private channels, quicker and at scale. Conversocial’s private channel integrations, keyword prioritization and efficient workflows allow them to find signal in the social noise.
  • Promoting Social as a Care Channel: Making customers aware that social is a preferred customer channel, Icelandair embraces the #SocialFirst mantra and boosts service efficiency.

Results (The First 5 Months of 2017 Compared to the Last 5 Months of 2016):

  • Inbound Messages: Increased by 78% from 2016
  • Responses: Increased by 163% from 2016
  • Incoming Conversations: Increased by 67% from 2016
  • Response Time: Decreased by 51% from 2016

For more information, view the full case study here.


About Icelandair:

Icelandair is a leading airline offering flights to and from Iceland, and provides an attractive option for transatlantic flights. The airline operates out of Reykjavík, and uses the country’s geographical location mid-way between America and Europe, as an opportunity to build an ever-growing network of international routes with Iceland as a hub. Icelandair connects 29 gateways in Europe and 19 in North America.

Corporate Media Contact:

Gudjon Arngrimsson

VP Corporate Communications


Mobile: +354 864 5849

About Conversocial:

Conversocial (@conversocial / http://www.conversocial.com) is a leading customer engagement platform for today’s always-on mobile, social customer. Delivering a unified approach to a new generation of customer interaction, Conversocial enables hundreds of global brands including Hyatt, Tesco, Alaska Airlines and more to ensure they are supporting in-the-moment resolution, at scale, to drive profitable and lasting relationships. Socially empowered consumers have a voice and a choice, requiring brands to engage across multiple channels including Facebook Messenger, Twitter, SMS, Instagram, Google Play Store Reviews, YouTube and more, while offering seamless consistency and cohesion. Conversocial creates a clear path for engagement that combines best-in-class technology and world-class services.

Conversocial is a select member of the Twitter Official Partner Program, Official Instagram Partner and a Facebook Preferred Developer. For more information, visit @conversocial/ http://www.conversocial.com

Media Inquiries Contact:

Sarah Small



UK: +44 203 807 1858 | USA +1 929 255 1449

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