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2015 A Landmark Year for Conversocial and Social Customer Service

Harry Rollason
By Harry Rollason on Jan 11, 2016 4:00:00 AM

Funding Round, New ‘Built-For-Service’ Innovation, Increase In Global Customer Base and Best in Class Partnerships Highlight Landmark 2015

NEW YORK and LONDON, Monday January 11th, 2016 – Conversocial (www.conversocial.com \ @conversocial ), a social customer service technology provider today announced substantial corporate milestones as more global corporations embrace social customer service in their contact center. The past 12 months have shown significant growth for Conversocial, with the company expanding its global office presence and winning a record number of new clients across the North America, Europe and Asia following an $11 million funding round in 2015.  The company continues to expand its global executive team and innovate as firms worldwide look for enterprise customer service applications, designed social first, to revolutionize customer engagement on a large scale for their customers.

To meet the increased demand for social customer service solutions, Conversocial is actively hiring enterprise sales people in the US and UK to keep pace with the unprecedented growth in its business. During the past 12 months, Conversocial has signed 58 new clients, bolstering its impressive global roster to more than 240 enterprise clients including both a major US and NZ airline, with revenues growing over 300% in North America signing brands such Sprint and Hyatt in the US, IKEA and Home Group in EMEA and iFlix and Sales Stock in Asia.

Social customer service is rapidly maturing as customers search for a more thoughtful and human way to engage with corporations to improve the quality of interaction and resolution rather thn using traditional communications methods such as email and phone. Global firms have recognized how social media channels have revolutionized the relationship with the customer and are transforming their contact centers to ensure social media communications receive the same respect, rigor and humanity as traditional communication channels. In order to achieve this transformation, Nate Elliott at Forrester recently reported that brands should buy best-in-class social point solutions that integrate with other marketing tools for brands to achieve their social customer service goals.

Global corporations such as Sprint are deploying Conversocial’s enterprise-class social customer service platform to deliver real-time performance management, large-scale routing and workflow for their social customer service operations across hundreds of agents. “For Sprint, social customer service isn’t just an opportunity to react to incoming social inquiries, but to achieve a more accessible and personal level of service. Sprint recently partnered with Conversocial as the first US Telco to launch live chat support through Facebook Messenger. Messenger allows agents to deliver in-the-moment resolution to a mobile customer for any issue, essential for customer satisfaction in today’s smartphone dominated world.” said Joshua March, CEO and Founder of Conversocial.

Conversocial has established partnerships with leading providers of marketing and social intelligence solutions to provide customers with a comprehensive 'best-in-class' solution. This enables a breadth of offering while maintaining a deep focus on enterprise customer service and contact center requirements.  In 2015 they were named an official Instagram Partner, as well as being the first social vendor to implement Messenger for Business (on top of already being a Twitter Certified Partner, and Facebook Marketing Partner. “We have seen that as social channels mature, customers are embracing these and more mobile forms of communication to lead the conversation with a brand ” said Paul Johns, CMO of Conversocial. “Conversocial is perfectly positioned to drive these developments and support brands to provide an excellent standard of social customer service. We’ve experienced tremendous growth in the past year as we established the industry standard for best-in-class social customer service. With the investments we are making in the product we’ve been able to work with Facebook to launch Messenger into our platform as one of their first Preferred Marketing Partners to do this, as well as launching proactive Instagram engagement, but also work on our core product to include resolution management so our customers can provide a solution to customers queries in the channel the customer has chosen”.


About Conversocial

Conversocial (http://www.conversocial.com) is trusted by global brands in hospitality, utilities, airlines and consumer brands for social customer service solutions that improve productivity and operational efficiency by managing the flow of customer-service inquiries and discussions on social media channels such as Facebook, FB messenger, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Google+.

Brands including Hyatt, Sprint, Barclaycard, ConEdison, Co-operative Bank, Travelex and Google use Conversocial’s enterprise-class platform for a single view of the social customer via:

  • Comprehensive APIs that seamlessly integrate into CRM and contact center technologies
  • Resolution management on social media
  • Intelligent prioritization, so the complexity of social conversations are presented to customer service teams in a logical manner
  • An intelligent social routing system that distributes conversations based on agent specialization, rules, and agent presence to deliver the quickest and most helpful answer to the customer
  • Relevant messages from public posts, private messages and other customers, threaded into a single conversation to provide full context at a glance
  • Analytics to provide accurate, actionable insights on customer trends over time

Conversocial is a Twitter Certified Partner, Official Instagram and a Facebook Preferred Developer. For more information, visit http://www.conversocial.com / t.@conversocial).

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