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THE POWER OF ‘PLAY’: Actionable Conversations Distributed

Jaclyn Fu
By Jaclyn Fu on Feb 16, 2016 10:19:25 AM

THE POWER OF ‘PLAY’: Actionable Conversations Distributed

How to turn social signals into structured channels using an ACD system built for the #SocialFirst contact center

Managing social media can be stressful, confusing, and scary. In its most natural state, social is a chaotic realm full of noise and unstructured conversations. Without the right people, processes and platform, it’s just a signal. For socially immature brands, this raw signal poses a real threat with all the emotionally charged, ‘in the moment’ customer reactions that become prevalent for all to see. For the socially mature brand, this signal can be turned into an organized channel used to develop deep and valuable customer relationships and create material impact to the business.

Unlike traditional channels like voice or email, which are purposefully directed in private to a brand’s phone number or inbox, social is a public display of commentary - good and bad. It represents how the vast majority of your social, mobile customers experience your brand as it’s happening. The unique advantages (and challenges) of social represents the greatest opportunity for brands to engage at incredible scale, with their most emotional and vocal customers at a time when they need it the most.

Without Conversocial and the ability to intelligently and intuitively construct a meaningful channel of actionable conversations from this signal, social was at best managed as flowing chronological streams or multiple work queues to monitor.  Messages related to the same customer conversation were scattered across streams, un-threaded and misunderstood. Brands that were managing an overwhelming number of listening sources were susceptible to social signal paralysis. As social has matured into a pervasive surge at enormous scale, a different approach to engagement and resolution was required.

It’s time to press PLAY

With Conversocial, helping customers can be fun again. Teams no longer have to endure duplication, cherry picking or collision. Manual triaging and work queues are now a thing of the past.


Conversocial PLAY technology translates social signals into a coherent, actionable channel for real service engagement and resolution across multiple agents, topics, sub-brands -- all with just one click.

By analyzing conversation and agent context, messages are sent to the right agent and team, at the right time. In addition, conversations are automatically routed to the same agent who last worked on it, to maintain personalized interactions. Think of Conversocial PLAY as an intelligent conductor to your contact center orchestra.

Conversocial PLAY - The advanced, yet effortless, system to create channels from the signal and structure from the noise.

How Conversocial PLAY works


Behind a simple green Play button in Conversocial is a highly sophisticated system that utilizes flexible workflows, automation rules, keyword/topic triggers, skill-based routing and conversation context. These work together to automatically distribute all actionable workload.

Conversation context - Understanding what’s urgent, such as a conversation requiring a resolution, the context is detectable with Play, even to the finest nuance of social engagement. PLAY intelligently scans all content to route and prioritize accordingly.

Agent specialization - Matching the right people on your team to the right conversation based on skills, experience and knowledge helps to get the best resolution to the customer in the fastest amount of time. PLAY also takes into consideration who interacted with the customer last when distributing.

Flexible workflows -  The volatile nature of the social, mobile customer requires a more intelligent approach to automation. PLAY was built on the concept of humanity at scale, incorporating factors like waiting to hear from the customer and tagged sentiment into the algorithm.

To see PLAY in action and how Conversocial approaches resolution at scale, request a demo now.

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