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Behind the Social Customer Care Magic: The #SXSW_Genie

Mike Schneider
By Mike Schneider on Mar 29, 2016 9:38:15 AM

Behind the Social Customer Care Magic: The #SXSW_Genie"So what are YOU doing at SXSW this year?"

That was the question we at Conversocial received from numerous customers, prospects, partners, investors, family members, friends, enemies and acquaintances. Not "Are you going to SXSW?", but "What are you doing at SXSW?"

Don't get me wrong—there are a lot of good reasons to be involved with SXSW; SXSW Interactive in particular is one of the biggest gatherings of vendors, journalists and investors on the planet.

Rather, the troubling part of the question "What are you doing at SXSW?" had nothing to do with SXSW itself, but the assumption that we could/should/would be doing something for it. SXSW has become hugely popular and, of course, packed. It's like Burning Man with clothes on. In order to have your voice heard you need to find more innovative ways to get noticed.

So, instead of finding a clever way to brand bicycles or attempting to pull together a contact center-themed Eagles cover band, we decided this year we'd stick to what we’re good at: serving the social customer.

Serving the Social, Mobile SXSW Attendee

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that SXSW attendees are already on social, active on mobile, and ready to engage. We saw many SXSW attendees year after year turn to Social to ask questions, voice concerns and provide feedback. We saw that even Tweets directly to @SWSW almost always go unanswered.

That's why we appointed ourselves as the unofficial social customer care provider of SXSW. And that's how the SXSW_Genie was born.

tzxKLTxk.jpgArming ourselves with a good bit of research and FAQs, the Conversocial platform and a host of genie-related puns, Conversocial employees spent a few busy days serving hundreds of questions about SXSW, mostly through proactive surprise and delight.

We met attendees on the channel where they wanted to be served (we focused on Twitter, where we saw the largest volume of questions in past years) and improved their SXSW experiences by answering questions (usually in a matter of minutes) that would otherwise have gone unresolved.

The Results

The results were tremendous. During the four days of SXSW Interactive we handled over 1,000 cases and, according to metrics from Synthesio, reaching over 1.1 million Twitter users. Conference goer's issues ranged anywhere from looking for a Taxi or Airbnb stay, to maps helping people find parking, to even pointing out good alternative spots to grab a burrito.

Below are some of our favorite interactions the Genie had during this year's SXSW. 


Back in the Bottle (For Now)

The Genie might be back in the bottle (for now), but the #SocialFirst mission continues to go strong. Just listening is clearly no longer an option; simple responses also aren’t enough. It’s up to brands—not just enterprises but truly any authority providing a good or service, including festivals— to meet their customers with in-channel, in-the-moment resolution.

Could your customer service use some social media magic? Let Conversocial help.

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