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Spotlight: Is the Google Play Store Your Next Service Channel?

Mike Schneider
By Mike Schneider on Jun 27, 2016 8:22:00 AM

This week we sat down with Conversocial CEO Joshua March to learn how brands can use Google Play Store reviews as a powerful service channel.

Read below for a transcript, or watch the video above. 

Mobile applications are hugely important for every business today. Whether you're a mobile app business, or just a traditional business but using an application to enable your consumers to book directly. They're hugely important for continued engagement, retention and direct revenue opportunity to your customers. The ratings and reviews on your applications make a huge impact on how many times they're downloaded. It's known that if you can increase your star rating from three to four, then more people will actually download the app.

On Google Play Store, you have an opportunity as a brand to respond to the reviews that people have posted, and for those reviewers, and to update their review and actually change their star rating. Hugely valuable but actually really difficult and kind of a pain in the ass to try and do manually today. There haven't been any tools available to do that. At Google IO, Google announced that they were going to work with a small number of partners, including Conversocial, to enable businesses to respond to these in a much more scalable and efficient manner.

In Conversocial, this now means that your agents can respond to the reviews, and you can track how the reviews and the ratings are changing at a time. Really valuable to get that feedback, take it back into the rest of the business, as well as to actually have an impact on those consumers who've had a bad experience. If you haven't checked out the reviews on your app today, I'd really recommend you just go to the Play Store and you can read through and see what people say, and see the opportunity that there is to respond and actually make a difference to your investments.

Click Here to Learn More about How you Can Turn the Google Play Store into Your Next Service Channel.

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