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Social Customer Service Benchmark Report - Event Recap

By Rachel Tran on Jul 19, 2013 12:33:00 PM

We unveiled the findings from our Social Customer Service Benchmark report last week at our event in Hoxton Hotel, and we couldn’t have asked for a better day.

Social Customer Service Benchmark Report

Alongside our great speakers: Paul Bentley (Greater Anglia), Lauren Stewart (Haven Holidays), Mark Rogers (Lead Findr) and Guy Stevens (IBM), who shared insights into how they run Social Customer Service within their own businesses, we got to reveal the new report to our guests. We also got the opportunity to congratulate ASOS for their customer service on social, and for getting the highest Benchmark score out of all the companies we analysed.

Our report analysed 10 of the UK’s biggest brands across 5 different industries – Travel, Telecoms, Retail, Hospitality and Supermarkets – to find the benchmark for Social Customer Service performance. We looked into the consumer demand for service over Facebook and Twitter and how effectively different companies mobilise these channels to create a better service experience.

Our first speaker was Paul Bentley who kicked off our event with a discussion about Mission Control at Greater Anglia. Some main pointers from his discussion included: 

  • The effectiveness of using customer’s feedback on social channels as a source of information for direct and live feedback.
  • In the control room, all the decisions made by the social media team have a direct impact on their customers – vital that the information delivered is clear and concise.
  • In March’s report, 92% of Greater Anglia’s customers were happy with tweet quality.
  • Greater Anglia keeps their social staff motivated by having flexible expanding roles, and giving them one week breaks from dealing with complaints every 2 weeks.

Haven Holiday’s Lauren Stewart discussed how Haven goes from a ‘like’ on Facebook to lifetime value, leading onto a live demonstration of how they use Conversocial to mark, achieve and reply to messages.

  • Having regular meetings with different departments is vital so no one is left in the dark about what is going on within the business - social media effects every department and can't work without everyone's involvement.
  • "We don't have social media guidelines, we just have values"
  • The fastest way to find out about the latest crisis’ is on social, and currently Haven Holidays is expanding their team to deal with the growing demand of customer service.
  • If your CEO’s and managers still can’t get their head around the benefits of social customer service, go back to your board every month with customer service stats and revenue generated to show them how valuable and necessary it is.

Mark Roger ended the first half of our event telling us more about his company Lead Findr and the importance of engaging with customers before selling to them.

  • Proactive customer service is vital for brands on social media - There is an unmet need of customers talking about their problems with the brand but not directly to the brand, you need to be wherever your customers are.
  • If you are going to use social media for marketing, social etiquettes are important: “Can I share some information about this with you?” rather than “Buy this!”
  • The contact centre is the future of social customer service, it is where the DNA and Brand are created – the incubator of the brand’s future success.

The second half of our Benchmark event opened up with our COO Matt Brazil presenting the data and findings from our Social Customer Service Benchmark report, explaining the purpose and importance of the report

  • The benchmark report answers two questions, which we believe every company should understand for its own success in social communications:
     - What enquiries, experiences and feedback are consumers taking to social media?
     - How effectively are businesses responding to this demand for social customer service?
  • The report explores both what consumers are taking to social media, and how brands are interacting with this.
  • ASOS came out on top with an outstanding benchmark score of 98/100, with Tesco closely following at 84/100. How did companies in your industry do?

And finally, ending our event we had a final note about the future of Social Customer Care from IBM’s Guy Stephens.

  • Focusing on your company’s social customer service strategy is going to be more important than ever, being bold and developing your own policy should come above what your competitors are doing.
  • Traditional customer service is going to merge even further with social media than it is already.
  • You have to be able to meet your customers’ need for real service to benefit social relationships with them.

A massive thank you to all our guests and speakers for coming down and making it both interesting and insightful. If you are interested in seeing our Social Customer Service Benchmark Report and how different industries compare against each other, drop us an email: Sales@Conversocial.com.

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