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Introducing the 2015 Social Customer Service Trust Index

Harry Rollason
By Harry Rollason on Jun 30, 2015 9:32:00 AM

In the age of the empowered customer, maintaining brand loyalty is getting harder. Therefore ensuring your company is truly trusted is business critical. Good social customer service allows for you to build trust.


But what does good like? And how can your company build trust through your social customer service strategy?

In this report we analyze our findings to determine not only corporate uptake, but what you actually need to do to be trusted over social media in today’s consumer driven world.

In a world where we are continually bombarded with commercials, is it no wonder that as consumers, we have stopped listening? For better or for worse, we simply no longer believe what big business tells us. Long gone are the days when we read a restaurant review, or a movie review (largely sponsored), without turning to social to see what our peers think. We crowd- source opinions to help us make our own democratized decision, at scale through Twitter and Facebook et al.

This concept has quickly spread to a broad range of products and services we consider. We have a plethora of options so whether booking a vacation or buying a car, we are increasingly peering through social channels to gauge a more authentic and collective customer experience, and to test the true quality of a brand’s product or service. We look at the dialogue that is playing out for real between a business and it’s customers. What are the issues being raised and how are they being resolved? A new type of trust is emerging. A new, more authentic connection - one that begins to engage possible users with peers who have more genuine insight. It is this new trust economy that is maturing rapidly and delivering great potential for companies who wish to build upon this new culture of connection.

Read this executive report to understand:

  • The definition, and KPIs, of social trust for companies to adhere to.
  • The current state of social customer service at global organizations.
  • The expectations of consumers when using social media as a customer service channel.
  • The health of your social customer service strategy.

Read the whitepaper

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