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Improved Analytics - more metrics, more ROI

By Luke Duffy on Jan 6, 2016 6:38:12 AM

iStock_000068869835_XXXLarge.jpgAnalytics are a key part of any social operation, in fact they’re a key part of any customer service/marketing operation, period. If you’re not utilising the right analytics in the correct way, you’re falling short of your competitors. They’re not a nice to have, they are integral for tasks such as resourcing correctly, managing agent performance and even things like reporting/managing the success of a trial you may be running within your team.

As a forward thinking social platform, we know that standing still and resting on our laurels just isn’t good enough, we want to be on the ever-moving social train that’s heading towards 100% customer satisfaction. After feedback from our clients, we knew that things like sentiment conversion and cleaning up our analytics page was a vital requirement so it’s these types of conversations that allow us to be continuously innovative.

Because customer service is going to be even more critical to success in 2016, we introduced new metrics that will help you more efficiently calculate ROI and more analytics features that will empower you to scale effectively (with even more analytics improvements coming in 2016)!

So what’s new?

  • Sentiment conversion: This is something we’re really excited about and I’m sure you will be too; we’ve now got new insights that analyze when a conversation has been converted from a negative to positive sentiment. In terms of reporting, this can really help your operation to reward agents in a way that’s always been difficult to measure previously. Due to the fact that social is so different compared to the classic customer service areas, many companies are looking towards first contact resolutions as a way of measuring how well their social operation is performing. Sentiment conversion can enable you to do just that. Turning a bad experience into a positive one means one thing - brand loyalty; something that every company should hold in very high regard. 
  • Improved response speed chart: We’ve refined the design of the analytics page by implementing an improved response speed chart; it’s now a sleek line graph which not only makes the data look a lot cleaner, it’s also much easier to see exactly how far you are from hitting that 100%. Staying on top of the increase in volume over the holidays can be difficult enough so we’d like to think making things such as comparing business hours response speed to actual response speed within literally seconds will really help out.
  • Granular filtering of analytics widgets: No more scrolling through long lists of tags or team members to assess performance. We’ve built-in a handy search bar that brings up exactly what you’re looking for; instantly! For companies with larger numbers of tags and/or agents, it makes it much easier to scale when you can swiftly access the data you’re looking for.
  • Customized dashboard views for each user: Real-time dashboards can now be configured individually, for the most relevant data for each team member. If there’s something you need to keep an eye on that perhaps another member of management doesn’t, they can replace it with something more relevant to them! Dashboard provides real-time snapshots of your operation in the moment; now multiple managers can have access to the metrics they specifically need.

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