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How to Make Sure Your Business Is Delivering 5-Star Customer Service

Gloria Dumas
By Gloria Dumas on Jan 3, 2017 2:17:29 PM
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In today’s highly saturated marketplace — where you can get just about anything you need or want from a selection of competitors — customer service is a major determining factor swaying customers in your direction instead of towards the competition. Your brand needs to set itself apart from the pack in some unique way, and a 5-star customer service experience is an incredibly effective method to win the hearts and loyalty of new and potential customers on both public and private levels.

To make sure your business is delivering 5-star customer service, keep the following insights and strategies in mind:

Invest in your social channels

If you haven’t already begun to plan or implement a customer service funnel on social media, you’re missing out on a surefire way to duly impress and help your customers. Today’s savvy #SocialFirst customers already spend a great deal of time on social media, so it’s often most convenient for them to address service issues with a brand on their preferred platform; in essence, make it your priority to go fishing where the fish are. Becoming a #SocialFirst company will not only propel your brand into digital relevancy, but it’ll also help your bottom line. Statistics show that a single social customer service interaction costs $1, whereas that same inquiry directed to a call center costs $6.

Don’t take your happy clients for granted

Contrary to popular belief, customers are more likely to report positive customer service experiences than negative ones. In fact, a happy customer will tell nine people on average about a good service experience with a particular brand. Don't take these customers for granted, continually win them over in order to increase the chances they’ll remain loyal. At any rate, the effort is worth the investment. Loyal customers are worth up to tenfold of the amount of their initial purchase.

Address unhappy clients with understanding

On the other end of the spectrum, a brand hears from only about 4% of dissatisfied customers — but the small figure can pack a big punch. Comments made by unhappy clients can often be hard to shake by those who read or hear them, whether they’re on social or by word of mouth. Such a negative association may decrease the faith people have in your brand, and you’ll lose clout and clients in the process. It can take up to 12 positive service experiences to fully remedy a bad one, so it’s essential that you have a well developed customer service funnel in place.

Focus on retention rates

It’s much easier and cost-effective to keep existing customers than to convince and recruit new ones, so be sure that your customer service procedures (and business operations on the whole) keep lasting client satisfaction at the forefront. In terms of service, use a platform that routes the most important and time-sensitive queries that necessitate human attention to your agents. Companies that offer a well crafted social service approach boast up to 92% retention rates and have a 21% increase in positive social media mentions, so it’s well worth the effort. In all, even a 5% increase in retention rates can boost your profits anywhere from 25% to 95%. So happy, loyal customers pave the way for a favorable, thriving brand.

Allow your customers to find the answers they need 

Many customers prefer to be hands-on and solve problems on their own. Furthermore, 70% of people expect a company’s website to offer a self-service application. Twitter’s latest release has also caught onto this propensity, with a new self-service introduction that guides users to the correct agents. Simply put, take heed of your customers’ desire to be self-sufficient, provide them with the relevant information and mechanisms before they have to reach out to your service department. You’ll save time on your end while earning trust and respect from the client.

Recognize mistakes and apologize accordingly

Incorporate humility into your company culture and make amends for any of your brand’s shortcomings in an honest and transparent manner. While 37% of serviced customers will be satisfied with a response that offers monetary value (such as credit or a refund), that number doubles when the brand offers a sincere apology on top of it. Today’s customers respond to empathy and understanding, and will be much more likely to give your brand a second chance if you interact with them in a personal, human way that proves you value them. Several brands have gotten the personable apology on social down pat already, interacting with their customers in innovative ways that elevate the brand’s stature.

A 5-star customer service department makes sure to offer actionable assistance in the most convenient, efficient, and attractive manner possible. If you want to win customers over and differentiate yourself from the competition, invest in a comprehensive social service platform to get a leg up and start giving your customers the personalized attention, tools, and support they want and deserve.

Want to learn more about how your can serve your social, mobile customers better in 2017? Download our Definitive Guide to Social Care today! 

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