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Do These Steps NOW to Handle Cyber Monday Social Volumes

Jaclyn Fu
By Jaclyn Fu on Nov 23, 2016 8:00:00 AM

Cyber Monday is stressful and chaotic for everyone. Your customers will likely wake up early (probably already putting them in a bad mood), and be barraged with deals, promotions and be forced to make in-the-moment purchase decisions. Your customer service team will need to rapidly keep up with all the emotional and urgent service inquiries that could make or break sales numbers.

Have you done these 5 things to prepare for the increase in volume?

1) Increase Number of Agents

With more customers than ever using social media as a service channel, retail brands must anticipate a surge in social volume.

Tap into your reserve of customer service agents to ensure proper resource allocation over the next few intense days. Train additional agents on more costly channels to use your social customer care platform so you can quickly shift agents to a lower cost and lower effort digital channel. Make sure your agent resourcing matches how much promotion and sales activity you expect.

2) Define a Playbook for High Volume Workflow

Clear and consistent guidelines for your agents to follow during high pressure times is key in ensuring smooth operations.

Create a crisis escalation plan so team members know exactly when to flag critical items, who to escalate it to, and how to engage with the customer during the process. Clarify what tone of voice agents should use, and what the balance between humanity and efficiency needs to be. Identify roles and responsibilities of agents, so that everyone feels empowered to make the decisions necessary. Create FAQ cheat sheets to help agents get through low level issues, improve Response Time, and allow more time to resolve complex issues.

Put the right playbook in place so your agents know exactly which issues to prioritize and how to resolve it in the quickest manner.

3) Automate for Efficiency Without Increasing Customer Effort

Use your best-in-class social customer care platform to automate where it can help your agents decrease Resolution Time, without adding layers of robotic steps for your customers.

Utilize Conversocial’s new Twitter DM Dispatcher feature to quickly gather relevant context from customers, eliminating the initial back and forth requesting additional information. Plan what topics or issues you expect the most, and create platform rules to automatically route and tag conversations. Leverage automated conversation distribution functionality, like Conversocial PLAY, to effortlessly triage, prioritize and assign for the fastest results.

Automate workflows carefully with the objective of getting the most effective resolution to your customer rather than to reduce cost.

4) Prioritize the Most Urgent Issues First

With deals and shopping frenzy going on, you’re going to be getting A LOT of inquiries on social. Make sure your team knows what’s important to resolve in-the-moment and what can be resolved a little later.

Don’t waste time with manual filtering and triaging; utilize priority keyword lists in your social customer care platform to automatically identify conversations that are critical and red hot. Monitor conversation topics in real-time so you can keep a pulse on emerging issues and potential crises.

5) Maintain a Human, #SocialFirst Personality

By setting up your team for success over the holiday rush, your agents can focus on providing stellar customer service. Your customers are going to be stressed and frustrated during these days, your team has the power to make a difference in the shopping experience.

Remind your agents to have fun, let the brand’s personality shine, and to create memorable experiences for the customer -- even when the tension is high. That will make your brand stand out from the rest.

To get more best practices for social customer care, download Conversocial’s Definitive Guide to Social, Mobile Customer Service.


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