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Gymshark’s Social Care Story: Building a Social Care Operation for the Digital Customer

Seleah Gardiner
By Seleah Gardiner on Jan 23, 2018 9:00:00 AM

The retail landscape has changed radically over the past few years. Consumers are noticeably shunning the high-street and instead choosing to shop online. E-commerce offers what the high street cannot—convenience. You can shop on your mobile device wherever, whenever. The exponential growth in e-commerce is proof that an in-store shopping experience just isn’t cutting it anymore.

The hassle free and personalised shopping experience offered via e-commerce has raised consumers’ expectations, impacting even the support offered by a customer care team. Digitalisation has changed not only how we shop, but also the way in which we communicate with brands and likewise, how they communicate with us. As a result, the e-retail environment is heavily saturated with brands vying for business from the online consumer. Very little will set you apart in such a competitive market, sometimes not even the most viral marketing campaign.

But, providing stellar customer service can. The digital customer now expects more than just an instant reply to their queries, they expect personal, in-channel resolution at their own convenience. If you leave your customers feeling like they have been short-serviced, you are running the risk of alienating them and pushing them directly into a competitors arms.

Gymshark, one of the UK’s fastest growing e-retailers and a Conversocial partner, have quickly embraced digital care as a competitive advantage. Today, in partnership with Gymshark, we released a new case study addressing “Gymshark Social First Story: Building a Social Care Operation for the Digital Customer”.

The study looks at how Gymshark has become a true paradigm of what a #SocialFirst brand should be. And how they’re a company dedicated to driving customer engagement, strengthening brand loyalty and delivering high quality customer service—on social.

Here are some key highlights of the study:

  • Applying “IVR” to Social: Visual IVR was the simplest way to add automation to Gymshark’s dedicated Twitter handle. Conversocial’s feature allows Gymshark to provide an effortless and in-the-moment service to customers seeking resolution through private, Twitter DM.
  • Platform Built for Purpose: Gymshark is able to track metrics for each customer interaction, measure sentiment conversion and increase workflow efficiencies for an overall more seamless customer care experience.

And here are some of Gymsharks results (Q2 2017 compared to Q3 2017):

  • 50% increase in direct messages on Twitter, with 17% of Incoming DMs handled by Visual IVR
  • 11% increase in private messages on Facebook
  • A 4.3/5 positive score on Twitter CSAT with a 63% response rate

Read Gymshark’s social care journey to learn best practices for proactively promoting social as a care channel and dealing with the ever increasing volumes on private messaging channels.

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