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Conversocial Integrates YouTube as their latest Social Customer Service Channel

Mike Schneider
By Mike Schneider on Feb 6, 2014 12:17:00 PM

One of our key strengths lie’s in Conversocial’s unified workflow, ensuring visibility of social customer service issues across different social channels.  After integrating with Google+ last month, we are pleased to announce the latest channel joining the fold: YouTube.


YouTube for Customer Service

With over one billion unique visitors each month, and 700 YouTube videos shared on Twitter each minute, YouTube still dominates the video space on social media.  As these numbers have climbed, viewer interaction has similarly increased - 50% of online communities now rate and comment on videos.

However, YouTube - now the third most popular site in the world - is often overlooked for customer service interactions, and used merely as a content distributor to advertise and promote brands. ‘How-To’ videos posted on the site provide a “one-to-many” structure to reach out to customers, but this also invites engagement. Similar to ignoring a tweet or Facebook post - a customer question left unanswered on YouTube can risk a brand’s reputation.

Astudy by Econsultancy found that out of the 25 UK retailers they analyzed, none had replied to the comments left underneath videos. These comments have the same level of visibility as comments left on a Facebook page, highlighting the importance of appearing responsive. However reduced visibility and difficulty in moderating comments has played a major role in lack of brand responsiveness.

YouTube for Social Customer Service

Incorporating YouTube into Conversocial gives our clients the visibility they need to moderate and respond to comments left under their videos.  Agents are able to see how a conversation develops - and not just on YouTube.

Conversocial’s unified workflow threads related messages together across Facebook, Google+, Twitter and YouTube providing agents with a 360° view of a conversation. Responses from the brand, posts from others joining the conversation, and comments across channels are pulled together, giving the full insight needed to deliver a better customer experience.

Customers already engage extensively with brands across Twitter and Facebook; it won't be long before YouTube becomes a substantial channel for social customer service. Incorporating it early into your customer service strategy will keep you one step ahead of your competition.

To find out more about Conversocial’s integration with YouTube, or for any other information, contact us here.

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